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Cursos melhoria de letra

Handwriting Improvement

The main objective of this course is to teach a handwriting that is as much beautiful as it is practical for writing and reading for daily use. The student will learn the style from its first lines and symbols, relearning first letter structure, then firmness and movement of writing and finally writing speed. After finishing each course the student can choose to take Additional Modules or enroll in the Professional Artistic course.



   3 months    5 months
   3 modules with 30 tasks each    10 modules with 6 tasks each
   3 instalments of R$340    5 instalments of R$290


  • More clarity in written communication
  • Improve writing for standardized or public testing

Additional Modules soon

After concluding the first 3 modules, it is possible to take additional activities to improve any specific difficulty the student might have. Sign up to receive specific dates and information about the upcoming classes.

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Refresher Course soon

This is the ideal course for who has already taken the Writing Improvement course and is interested in resume studying after a period without practice. Sign up to receive specific dates and information about the upcoming classes

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Curso profissional artistico

Professional Artistic Course

This course qualifies the student work professionally with calligraphy. It goes into greater depth and teaches, in addition to the basic fonts, more sophisticated fonts that require special tools particular to calligraphy such as feathers, ink and specific paper that are offered by the school during the duration of the course. To enroll in this course the student must have completed the Handwriting Improvement course, in which is taught advanced calligraphy techniques with specializes pens and papers. At the end of the Professional Artistic course the student receives a Professor De Franco certificate.



   7 months    10 months
   7 modules with 25 tasks each    20 modules with 9 tasks each
   7 instalments of R$390    10 instalments of R$340


  • Clarity in written communication
  • Professional qualification for:
  • Calligrapher for wedding invitations and diplomas
  • Engraver for bowls, cups and silver cards
  • Letterer for posters
  • Tattoo artist

Course Types

Classroom course

The classroom course can be taken according the the student’s availability within the school’s schedule (Mondays through Fridays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., free scheduled or Saturdays from 2 p.m. to 15 p.m. fixed scheduling). It is recommended that students take daily lessons and undertake five homework activities for the professors’ evaluation.

The registration is completed in our school, but any student can begin the process through our website:

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The online course does not demand any classroom activity and can be undertaken by students that are not in São Paulo. The payment of the registration, as well as the tuition will be charged through Paypal, granting access to the student area, which contains the activities and homework that can be downloaded and corrected remotely by our professors.

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For those students that are not in São Paulo and would rather not use electronic devices to submit their work, there is also an option of Professor De Franco’s traditional mail course, in which all the activities and homework are exchanged between the professors and the students through the postal service.

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